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When should you hire a home inspector?

A home is a vital investment for many families and individuals. Ensuring that your home is built to last is very important mainly because this is where you spend most of your time. However, it can be quite difficult for us to detect problems with our homes. Therefore, you must call in a certified home inspector in order to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

Scenarios where you should hire a home inspector

1. Selling a home

Before attempting to sell your home and setting a price for it, you should ensure that it is properly inspected. On the other hand, most states require that homes are properly inspected by a competent home inspector before they are sold or put on the market. Finding problems before putting your home on the market give you an opportunity to fix them as fast as possible. This is very important since most home buyers hire their own home inspectors who will uncover any undetected problems. Such problems are likely to halt a sale that may have otherwise been successful. Therefore, it is vital that your home is inspected by a certified inspector before attempting to sell it.

2. Buying a home

Although most homes that are on sale have already been inspected, many home buyers prefer hiring their own inspectors. The inspector may discover new problems that had not been noticed by the previous one. Two separate inspections are safer than relying on one. In addition, the inspector may unearth some minor problems that are not worth noting during the inspection but are of concern to potential buyers. Whereas you may wish to avoid these extra costs, ensuring that your future home has been properly inspected before closing the deal can give you some confidence.

3. Maintenance

The wear down of homes over time is inevitable. Therefore, such periodic problems must be fixed as they arise. However, some problems such as termite infestation may go unnoticed for many years. Identifying such problems during their early stages and fixing them as fast as possible may help home owners avoid greater expenses later in future.

4. Radon

Radon mainly occurs as a result of decay of underground radioactive materials. Most radioactive elements mainly exist in solid form at normal temperatures. However, random exists is gaseous form and it can easily leak into homes and cause health problems such as cancer. Home inspectors can detect radon and propose effective suggestions on how to mitigate it.

5. Renovations

It may be quite helpful to have your home inspected before starting any major renovations. It is best to fix potential problems is when performing other types of work on your home. Uncovering any potential problems before your home is renovated can help you save money and time in the future.

A competent home inspector always tailors the inspection to the needs of the customer. The inspector understands how each component and system operates. Therefore, they can offer different types of inspections such as pre-listing, pre-purchase, warranty and re-inspection after repairs (verification). On the other hand, he keeps detailed checklists and delivers reports that are well documented.

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