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Door Replacement Tips

Door replacement is not an easy task. One needs to carefully plan all the procedures in order to do it perfectly. Here are some tips to help you carry out this task like a pro.

Take measurements: You will need to know the exact size of your door opening before purchasing the new door. The width measurements should be taken from the structural member and not the trim piece. Also, ensure that the head room leaves ample space for the door to open and close easily.

Lower the door: As the name suggests, this involves removal of the old door. First, you will need to unplug tension springs so as to loosen the door before taking it apart. Note that it can unexpectedly fall off after removal of the tension springs. Use a clamp to prevent such occurrences.

Detach the door panels: The firsts step involves removal of the pin that holds the center brace. Go ahead and loosen the nuts in order to remove the panels. While you are there, detach the laser sensor, brackets, old operator and tracks. Be sure to check the condition of the frame before installing the new door. Worn out parts should be replaced. Wooden frames should be treated in order to keep away termites.

Install the weather stripping, hinges and corner brackets: Use galvanized roofing nails to install the weather stripping. Most, corner brackets have an L or R shape. Use hinges to attach the hinges on the frame. Be sure to install the hinges in the right position in order to avoid any inconveniences.

Install rollers and tracks: This should be installed after placement of the hinges. The track should be set on the two bottom wheels. Use the brackets to fasten the tracks on the walls. Be sure to follow the instructions provided by the door manufacturer so as to install the tracks correctly.

Attach the panels and fasten the tracks and hinges: Conventional panels have to be fixed on the groove of the lower panel below so as to facilitate sliding of the rollers. Use screws to fasten the tracks. Note that the vertical track should be connected to the horizontal track. It is recommendable to use hardened screws since they are more durable than other screws.

Finally, install the spring and cable by attaching them to the bottom panel. The cable should be threaded on the cable winder. Use brackets to hold the operator support. If possible hire a professional who carries out in door replacement in your residential area.

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